2012 to present


An ongoing sculptural series

Windward is a concept that began with watching wind move and pile leaves during the fall. Since then, the series has grown to encompass multiple installations in art galleries, public commercial spaces, and even private residencies.

Each piece is one-of-a-kind, designed specifically to compliment the space it inhabits. Hundreds of delicate ceramic petals are adhered using small pins, creating swirling patterns and dynamic forms that evoke a sense of wind in motion.

Reveal, the largest installation in the Windward series to date, included almost 6,000 petals cascading through the bold Neo-Gothic architecture of First Presbyterian Church of Tulsa.

“I have enjoyed using this ceramic petal or leaf motif in variety of ways. I experience great visual freedom by using it on the wall to create large scale movement and momentum.”

The creative process

Each installation in the Windward series begins as a collection of conceptual sketches, sometimes superimposed directly onto photographs of the intended space. These sketches outline the proposed motion and composition of the pieces and help provide an estimate of how many petals will be required.

From there, each delicate ceramic petal is hand-crafted, fired, and painted (if necessary). In the case of large colorful installations like Reveal, the petals are separated and organized by color for easy access during installation.

Once installation begins, Whitney first outlines the overall shapes with temporary painters tape before painstakingly adhering each petal to the wall.