November 2018


A solo exhibition through Atrium Art in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Reveal is the latest exhibition in the ongoing ministry of Atrium Art. Over 6,000 colorful ceramic petals cascade through each of the six arched niches in the First Presbyterian Church atrium, forming intricate waves and swirls in a dazzling array of bright colors twenty feet high. Several smaller installations are also on display around the church, including an eight-foot circular mandala located in the Prayer Room.

“When you give an artist a space like the Atrium, there are so many visual possibilities. The architecture, stained glass windows, and natural light are an incredible inspiration and back drop to exhibit art.”

Reveal began as a visual response to the architecture of First Presbyterian Church, specifically the stained glass—the colors, the natural forms found in the rose windows, and the multi-colored abstract patterns that are cast on the floor and walls as light passes through daily. All of these elements make reference to aspects of Whitney's existing ceramic work, and at the same time, in this setting they inform new visual directions and possibilities.

This nontraditional space offered Whitney unique opportunities for installation. Every area offers a different visual experience; there are places for quiet contemplation and prayer as well as areas filled with great movement and energy.  Visitors are invited to sit, walk, pass through and reflect.

“Reveal reaches beyond the walls of a beautiful building and has made known many aspects my personal and spiritual journey—where I have been and where I am going. To have an opportunity to exhibit my work in a setting where faith and art have come together is truly remarkable.”

The main wall installations featured in this exhibition are part of the Windward series. You can learn more and see behind-the-scenes photos of the design and installation process on the Windward page.