Original 2004, Redesigned 2018


Ceramic, Oil Patina

Romanian Poppies, Simona’s Garden was made a few years after Whitney and her husband adopted their daughter Simona from Romania. It was an installation of over 100 larger than life size poppy flowers. These vibrant red flowers can often be seen in open fields in Eastern Europe and specifically in Romania. They are fragile yet incredibly resilient flowers with a color that is unparalleled when viewed in large numbers.

This work represents the numbers of abandoned children that existed then—and still exist today—illustrating their strength and vulnerability. It also speaks to the hope and healing that can come from life in a loving family.

(This piece has been recently reconfigured for the 2018 exhibition Reveal.)

“Seeing so many delicate but strong flowers growing wild seemed to symbolize the possible futures of the abandoned children we worked with. For me, they are an incredible image of great beauty and strength.”